Upcoming events 

Sibyls evening services

We hold Zoom get-togethers each month on Zoom. We welcome newcomers and those who can only attend occasionally. Our worship on Zoom has become a wonderful way for Sibyls to join together from all parts of the country. We start with a half-hour service , then have an informal chat to connect with others, to reflect on recent days, listen and support.

Future dates in 2022 are:

Monday 25 April, 19:00

Wednesday 25 May, 19:00

Thursday 23 June, 19:00

Monday 25 July, 19:00

Thursday 25 August, 19:00

Monday 26 September, 19:00

Tuesday 25 October, 19:00

Friday 25 November, 19:00

Wednesday 21 December, 19:00

Each service is led by a different Sibyls member, but we always share readings, music and prayer. Afterwards we share recent experiences of challenge and joy, invite you to bring a reading, image or music that inspires you to share, and sometimes discuss a topic of mutual interest.

The monthly meetings are open to all trans people, friends, partners and supporters. You do not need to be a member of the sibyls to come, just email to let us know you would like to attend.

London evening meetings for 2022

We have developed a wonderful link with St Anne’s Anglican Church in Dean Street, Soho, and the rector Rev’d Simon Buckley. Over the past few years we have held a short service every two months on Thursdays at 6pm, followed by a meal together in a nearby restaurant. After a two year break we are meeting in person again at St Anne’s Church, 55 Dean St, London W1D 6AF on the following dates:

Thursday 7 April, 18:30

Thursday 16 June, 18:00

Thursday 11 August, 18:00

Thursday 13 October, 18:00

Thursday 8 December, 18:00

These evenings are open to all trans people, to their friends, spouses and supporters, in whatever presentation is most comfortable and convenient at the time.

Open Table

Open Table is an ecumenical Christian worship community which offers a warm welcome to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer / questioning, intersex, asexual and all who seek an inclusive Church. We meet (online at the moment, but usually in person) in inclusive churches, where we find God and each other, and have the time and peace to grow together.

Churches don’t always feel safe or welcoming to LGBTQIA+ people. But our name, ‘Open Table’ is an open invitation to come in, just as you are, and be with us, in a safe, affirming community.