Recent Sibyls services

Each month a short worship is led by a different person at our online get-togethers. Please use the following links to follow some recent services.

Sibyls Evening Prayer, 25th March 2024

Sibyls service, 27th February 2024

Sibyls service, 25th January 2024

Sibyls service, Mary Ward, 25th October 2023

Sibyls service Celtic Evening Liturgy 25 Aug 2023

Sibyls service 27 Feb 2023

Christmas 2022 Sermon Rev Alex Clare-Young

Sibyls worship 26 Sept 2022

Service 25 April 2022

Sibyls fellowship 25 March 2022

Service for 25 January 2022

Liturgies for you to use

We offer a number of liturgies – for you to use in a service, or to follow in your own personal worship. The aim of this section is to provide liturgies which can be used widely by transgender people and by LGBTI groups and couples, without compromising on the important themes of blessing and celebration.

Monthly online service – a template for a short service for Sibyls get-togethers. Please feel free to change and adapt this to what you feel is right for the day.

Christmas service – a seasonal celebration

Sibyls Night Service – a liturgy for use by all wherever you are.

Transgender welcome – A service to enable a congregation to welcome someone in their affirmed identity.

Transgender Day of Remembrance – this liturgy was prepared for the Corrymeela community for use on 20 November each year, when we remember trans people who have died as a result of discrimination across the world. 

This liturgy uses the terms ‘transgender’ and ‘transsexual’ because of their common use. More precise definitions are often advocated by transgender people.

Sibyls Agape meal – the Agape feast (also called Love feast) was a loosely structured early Christian service that typically included a social meal.

Sibyls monthly Zoom services – each month we hold a service on Zoom, led by one of our members or allies. Please see the links above.